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Catalog #
9377AB Furan-2-ylmethyl acetate
366023 Benzyl 3-oxopiperazine-1-carboxylate
66397 (S)-3-(Methylamino)-1-(2-thienyl)propan-1-ol
69069 Oxolinic acid
69211 4-Methylphenylsulfonylurea
69852 2',4'-Difluoroacetophenone
670032 4'-Methoxypropiophenone
70669 4-Bromophenyl acetyl chloride
371135 L-Tyrosine tert-butyl ester
71710 Seratrodast
71792 Iguratimod
H167 Glyphosate
H486 Vitamin B12
I001 Triflumuron
I694 3,4-Difluorocinnamic acid
K326 Sodium iodide
K500 Ropivacaine
L058 2,4-Dibromo-1-fluorobenzene
L237 2-Chloro-4-nitrophenol
P995 3H-1,2-Benzodithiol-3-one-1,1-dioxide
Q881 L-Cyclopropylalanine
R962 Bupivacaine
S775 Sodium thiobenzosulfonate
V0171 2-Chloro-N-(2-chloro-4-methyl-3-pyridinyl)-3-pyridinecarboxamide
V0296 Isoquercitrin
V1517 Harpagide
V2438 2-Chloro-4-hydroxy-5-fluoropyrimidine
V6099 3-(1-Hydroxyethyl)pyridine
V8165 4-Chloro-2-methoxyaniline HCl
W3861 methyl 4-fluoro-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzoate
W4415 2-Amino-3,4-difluoronitrobenzene
W7368 2-Chloroquinazoline
W7891 2-(1-Methylguanidino)ethyl dihydrogen phosphate
W8121 (S)-(-)-3-Benzoylthio-2-methylpropanoic acid
W9636 Methyl morpholine-2-carboxylate hydrochloride
X6004 Boc-Arg(Mtr)-OH
X6911 3-Benzyl-6-bromo-2-methoxyquinoline
X7091 6-Heptynoic acid
X8386 2,3-Dichlorobenzenesulfonyl chloride
X8511 5-Bromothiophene-3-carboxylic acid
X9750 Ethyl 5-bromo-2-methylnicotinate
Y0550 Cloxacillin sodium monohydrate
Y1203 4-Chloro-3-iodo-quinoline
Y1204 3-Iodoquinolin-4-ol
Y3349 Fmoc-Ala-OMe
Y5084 Methyl 4-amino-5-thiazolecarboxylate
Y5384 2,6-Dichloropyridine-4-carbonitrile
Z1937 Ticagrelor
Z4099 2-(tert-Butyl)-4-chlorophenol
Z4248 2-Amino-5-bromobenzamide