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Catalog #
1483AC 4-(Diphenylphosphino)-N,N-dimethylaniline
1969AB 5-Bromo-3-fluoro-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde
AMTB1048 4-(2,2,4-Trimethyl-6-(4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolan-2-yl)chroman-4-yl)phenol
AMTB1061 2-(Morpholino)pyridine-3-boronic acid pinacol ester
AMTB1062 Isobutylboronic acid pinacol ester
AMTB1065 (3aS,4S,6S,7aR)-2-Isobutyl-3a,5,5-trimethylhexahydro-4,6-methanobenzo[d][1,3,2]dioxaborole
AMTB1066 Potassium 4-cyano-3-fluorophenyltrifluoroborate
AMTB316 4-Hydroxymethylphenylboronic acid
AMTB770 3-((Diethylaminomethyl)phenylboronic acid pinacol ester
AMTB777 6-(4,4,5,5-Tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolan-2-yl)-1-tosyl-1H-indole
AMTB929 2-Hydroxyphenylboronic acid pinacol ester
AMTB947 2-Aminophenylboronic acid
AMTH001 4-Iodopyrazole
AMTH130 4-Bromo-2-(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)benzonitrile
66825 Ethyl (3-methylbenzoyl)acetate
168108 2,5-Dichlorophenylhydrazine hydrochloride
69970 Methyl 4-acetamido-5-chloro-2-methoxybenzoate
H950 Oxygen-fluorine acid
I765 Benzyl alcohol
K662 Terbinafine
L334 2-Phenylindole
O815 Methyl-p-benzoquinone
Q038 8-Methylquinoline
U036 5-Chloro-2-fluorobenzotrifluoride
V0152 Pentoxifylline
V1428 N-Benzoyl-L-phenylalanine
V1549 Isofraxidin
V1602 DL-Aspartic acid beta-methyl ester hydrochloride
V3415 Calcium folinate
V6523 4-(2-Chloroethoxy)benzaldehyde
V7224 N-Boc-DL-phenylglycinol
V7611 3-Fluorobenzamidine HCl
W5873 3'-Methoxypropiophenone
W8409 2-(4-Trifluoromethyl-phenyl)-ethylamine
X0386 N-Cbz-4-piperidinemethanol
X1198 Pachymic acid
X2504 4-Ethoxycarbonylmethylphenylboronic acid pinacol ester
X3297 4-Amino-3,5-dimethyl-benzoic acid methyl ester
X7482 WZ4002
X7506 CYT387
X8586 2-Amino-3-methoxypyridine
Y1683 Kasugamycin hydrochloride
Y4071 2-(2-Pyridylthio)ethan-1-ol
Y5028 Disopyramide
Z1820 Methyl 2-Fluoro-6-methylbenzoate
Z1842 Dichloro(1,2-diaminocyclohexane)platinum(II)
Z2664 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate
Z4063 Indium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate
Z4987 3-Aminopropanamide hydrochloride
Z6199 GW9662
1623AC (S)-Ethyl 3-(4-aminophenyl)-2-(1,3-dioxoisoindolin-2-yl)propanoate
4212AB 6-Hydroxy-1-tetralone
4987AC 1-Iodonaphthalene
6950AC 4-((4,6-Bis(octylthio)-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)amino)-2,6-di-tert-butylphenol
66936 Benzyl 3-bromopropyl ether
69382 5-Bromooxindole
70475 Diisopropyl sebacate
71721 Cidofovir
I040 Megestrol acetate
I312 4,4'-Dimethoxy diphenyl sulfide
K323 Methyl pyridinium chloride
L490 3-Bromo-5-chlorosalicylaldehyde
P023 Disperse Yellow 64, Technical grade
S437 4-Chloro-1-(2-methylpropyl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinoline
S752 Benzoyl cyanide
U036 5-Chloro-2-fluorobenzotrifluoride
U720 2-Bromo-2'-methoxyacetophenone
V0490 4-Chloro-3-nitrobenzonitrile
V1346 9-Chloroacridine
V1756 Glabridin
V1959 Dibenzothiophene-4-boronic acid
V3595 Z-Ala-Ala-OH
V3913 1-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)indole-3-boronic acid
V6740 2-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-1H-indole
V7007 3-Bromo-4-fluorobenzenesulfonyl chloride
W3244 3-Methoxyazetidine hydrochloride
W3514 4-Isobutoxyisophthalonitrile
W4079 N-Boc-Morpholine-2-carboxylic acid
W5897 2-Fluoro-6-hydroxybenzaldehyde
W7483 (R)-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinolylmethan-3-ol
W8666 Potassium 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolane-4-carboxylate
W9107 Methyl 6-bromo-1H-indazole-4-carboxylate
W9902 Rilpivirine
X0256 4-Bromooxindole
X0270 4-Keto-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrothlanaphthene
X0314 Diethyl 5-amino-3-methylthiophene-2,4-dicarboxylate
X1137 3-O-Acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid
X2092 Methyl 2,4-Dichloro-pyrimidine-6-carboxylate
X4776 4,6-Dichloro-2-propylthiopyrimidine-5-amine
X5262 Methyl 3-(4-bromophenyl)acrylate
X8076 2-Hydroxy-6-methylbenzoic acid
X8096 1-Chloro-5-fluoro-2-iodobenzene
X9877 (S)-1-Boc-2-(Hydroxymethyl)piperidine
Y1293 Sofosbuvir
Y1484 Z-Ala-Trp-OH
Y1485 Z-Ala-Val-OH
Y1585 2,3,4-trichloropyridine
Y1711 2-Methyl-5-vinylpyridine oxalic acid salt hydrate
Y5100 1-(2-Hydroxy-3-methylphenyl)ethanone
Y8247 1-Benzylpyrrolidine-2,5-dione
Z1843 4,4'-Diaminobenzophenone
Z4063 Indium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate
Z4303 Methyl 1-methyl-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxylate
Z5605 4-(Trifluoromethyl)-D-phenylalanine
I131 2-(2-Pyridyl)ethylamine
P762 Methyl 3,5-dimethoxybenzoate
X7085 5-Acetyl-2-methoxypyridine